Award winning Hay!

White Rabbit Hay is grown on the home of hay using a timothy hay seed mix from our sister company “Grass Seed Direct”

They are the only merchant in United Kingdom to have shown and won the World Champion Medal in the Small Seeds section of the Toronto Winter Fair in Canada.

Being independent allows them to acquire and select the best available grasses and blend them on their premises to your requirements. As they are Independent Seedsmen, they are able to source all available UK Grass Seed varieties from the Seed Houses of Europe. Only Seedsmen are able to produce top quality grass seeds mixtures; unlike merchants that can only sell what they are given from one Seed House, which means they have no knowledge of what is in the bag.

As Independent Seedsmen, they are able to source all the best varieties from the various Seed Houses, leaving the poorer varieties for the Merchant mixes.

That pedigree and provenance allows us to provide you with the very best first cut timothy hay “From the home of hay”.  

The Carse of Stirling and Scot’s Timothy’s histories are entwined.  Timothy hay has been commercially grown on the Carse of Stirling since the late 1800’s, when the farmers of the Carse of Stirling collected and cultivated the specific seeds that produce the Scots Timothy seed variety. This timothy variety is, and always has been a premium grass variety.

It is a (land race variety), native to Scotland.