Award winning Hay!

Globally Recognized Hay

White Rabbit Hay originates from the heart of hay cultivation, utilizing a timothy hay seed mix from our sister company, “Grass Seed Direct” found at

We have the proven distinction as the sole UK merchant to secure the World Champion Medal within the Small Seeds division at the Toronto Winter Fair in Canada.

Our independence allows us to meticulously select and blend premier grasses on-site, catering to any specific requirements. As Independent Seedsmen, we source a comprehensive array of UK Grass Seed varieties from ‘seed houses’ across Europe. Unlike merchants limited to one seed house’s offerings, we craft superior grass seed mixtures, elevating quality.

Our autonomy ensures access to the finest varieties from diverse seed houses, reserving lesser options for ‘Merchant’ blends.

Such rich lineage allows us to offer the utmost in first-cut timothy hay, sourced from “The home of hay.”

The intertwined histories of the Carse of Stirling and Scot’s Timothy affirm our hay’s cultivation legacy. Since the late 1800s, Carse of Stirling farmers gathered and cultivated seeds, giving rise to the premium Scots Timothy seed variety.

This timothy variation, a native Scottish (land race variety), has been a staple of commercial growth in the Carse of Stirling, epitomizing quality.

In conclusion,the globally recognized hay White Rabbit Hay stands as a testament to a legacy rooted in quality and commitment. Our journey from seed to hay epitomizes excellence and underscores our dedication to providing you with only the finest hay.