Hand Sorting and Packing:

Hand Sorting and Packing for Quality from Field to Feeder

Attesting to our hay’s quality isn’t a mere marketing headline; it’s a testament to our determination to provide quality through every step of the process, from the open fields to your pets cozy feeders. 

Let’s explore the fascinating journey through which we provide you with farm-fresh, eco-friendly hay.

Field to Selection: A Labor of Love

Our journey commences on the sunny, windswept fields of the Carse of Stirling where the graceful swathes of grassland set the scene. Our time taught farmers oversee the growth of the crop, waiting for the most opportune time to harvest. When the time is right, the hay is quickly cut and turned in the fields over a 2-3 day period, allowing it to naturally dry in the sun and the prevailing breeze.

The Hand Selection Process

Generations of expertise form the heart of our process. When the hay dries it is baled and stored in our vast airy sheds until we need it to be packed. Every bale for the urban pet market is hand selected. We begin by gently shaking and spreading out each bale, this allow the release of dust, loose seeds, and lighter stems. This painstaking process ensures that only the the most complete and crisp hay reaches your feeders.

Precision Sorting and Packing

Post-hand selection, meticulous sorting and packing take center stage. Our skilled team packs and arranges each mini-bale meticulously, ensuring consistent texture and quality. Individually pressing each bundle ensures a snug fit in the required box size. Our commitment to ensuring the hay is free of any non-hay bodies is a crucial aspect of this process.

Eco-Friendly Packaging

Our sustainability commitment goes beyond the hay itself. To fulfill our eco-friendly pledge, we opt for fully biodegradable and recyclable cardboard boxes for packaging. These boxes protect the hay and contribute to a reduced ecological footprint. Paper tape seals and secures the boxes, aligning every packaging detail with our customers quality and environmentally sustainable expectations.

From Field to Feeder: The Promise Delivered

As our hand-selected hay reaches your feeder, expect top-notch quality and eco-conscious origins. With every nutritious nibble, your pets will relish the essence of our hard work, devotion, and nature’s bounty.

In conclusion, our journey from field to feeder embodies the essence of the true artisan. Our hand-selected, sorted, and packed hay stands as a testament to our commitment to quality and sustainability. So, when you choose our hay, you’re not just choosing a product – you’re choosing a promise of excellence that nurtures your animals and the environment alike.