Scot’s Timothy Hay – Probably the worlds finest Forage!

Scot’s timothy hay has been grown on the Carse of Stirling in central Scotland for hundreds of years, providing the finest forage to livestock breeding herds, flocks, and performance horses across the UK. This premium hay is now available for all small and urban pets, direct to your door via our premium hay brand “White Rabbit Hay”.

‘White Rabbit Hay’ is a local partnership set up to make this high-end product available to urban pet owners.

This timeless native grass is perfect for rabbits, chinchillas, tortoises and all other small pets, providing the required roughage and nutrition as well as promoting dental health and general well-being for all foraging animals.

The hay is sourced from farms that manage the land with traditional farming rotation methods, without the use of pesticides. This allows the land to provide home cover and natural feeding for a range of native animals. From wild hares to birds of prey and everything in-between.

The hay is hand selected and packed on farm, using cardboard boxes and sealed with paper tape, with no plastics input at all. The packaging is completely recyclable and compostable with our boxes travelling only a few miles to our logistics provider before being delivered directly to your door. Thus, keeping our carbon footprint as low as possible.