Premium Value! Premium Product!

We feel that our prices provide competitive value in the marketplace on a like for like quality basis.

Where we see ourselves providing true added value to our modern, urban consumer, is in the provenance of our hay and the environmental and conservation benefits that our innovative, yet traditional farming methods allow.

We utilise crop rotation for resting the land, plus clover under-sowing to aid the utilisation of soil nutrients, thus allowing much reduced use of fertiliser. The rotation, crop choice and under sowing ensure there is no need of pesticides for our hay crops. These methods allow our farms to be open conservation areas for all wildlife, be that in the air, the earth or in the soil itself.

Our hay fields are all natural carbon sinks which allows our hay to be net carbon positive over the life cycle of a timothy hay crop.

We feel this ecological enhancement adds great value to our customers over and above the premium quality of our market priced product.