Why White Rabbit?

  • Premium quality first cut Scot’s timothy hay from awarding winning seed.
  • Absolute competitive value.
  • Generations of expertise.
  • Carbon positive, eco-friendly, wildlife conservation.
  • Proven quality, newly available to urban pets.

Scot’s Timothy Hay – Crisp and Farm Fresh!

Under the White Rabbit brand.

Sustainable, authentic Scot’s timothy hay from the Carse of Stirling.

Grown with nature in mind. Our farms are gluten free and utilise traditional rotational land husbandry to minimise the use of fertiliser and be completely free of pesticides.

Yes, that is correct, completely free of pesticides!

Applying traditional crop rotation along with agricultural innovation, our farms are wildlife conservation zones absolutely teeming with wildlife from hares to swans, to curlews, alive with ground rodents and earth worms.

The hay seed is hand selected and grown with the minimum of human interference. At harvest time the hay crop is cut and then left to dry naturally in the field.

The heavy clay soil of the Carse of Stirling ensures the hay is always long and succulent whatever the Scottish summer brings us.

A certain amount of the hay crop is sold straight off the field to livestock customers that have come back every year for generations.

Our pet hay undergoes analysis and is selected for nutrients and colour before being hand packed and sent straight to your door. Farm Fresh!