The dairy industry finds Timothy hay to be the staple forage in an overall feed program.

Timothy is high in fibre and energy, while also having relatively low protein. It is necessary nutrition for the overall health and conditioning of dairy cows. Combining Timothy with other higher protein ingredients (like Alfalfa) can be a great way to meet bovine energy and protein needs.

Timothy Hay for Premium Health & Milk Production:

Timothy is recommended due to its positive effect on various animal’s digestive system as well as aiding bowel regularity.

There have been scientific studies done that show Timothy is a perfect feed for pregnant or lactating cows. It is relatively low in moisture, preventing mould and and rotting hay.

Timothy can help prevent “milk fever”, which occurs before or after calving and can impact up to 10% of a herd. Timothy within a feed regime helps reduce potassium concentrations, this can prevent hypocalcaemia.

Timothy for Beef Cattle:

Within beef herds, Timothy has been known to enhance beef flavour, being popular with wagyu and Kobe cattle in Japan.

These cattle provide premium beef and are reared to ultra-standards of care and nutrition. The beef from these cattle is known to be superbly tender, with good marbling and its own singular flavour.

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