Crisp Farm Fresh, Timothy Hay

When only the best will do!


Crisp Farm Fresh, Timothy Hay

In the heart of the scenic Carse of Stirling lies a unique and captivating landscape, ideal for cultivating Timothy hay. This remarkable hay, celebrated for its exceptional quality, owes its excellence to the unique blend of soil, geography, and precipitation in this region.

Our partner farms have developed time tested farming practises, crop rotations, and harvesting methods over hundreds of years. These methods allow for the growth of exceptional forage hay, while letting the land replenish and provide a haven for wildlife.

For those who demand more than just hay, “White Rabbit Hay” is a revelation. It’s not merely a product; it’s a philosophy that encompasses the people and the land. Crafted in an ecosystem blending traditional wisdom with sustainability, this hay offers outstanding nutrition for your pets while upholding your environmental values.

If you seek a premium hay that aligns with your environmental ethos, “White Rabbit Hay” is your answer. With a total commitment to cultivating a superior product while nurturing the very land that sustains it, this hay is more than nutrition. It’s a step towards a greener, more sustainable future and the well-being of both your pets and the planet we all call home.