Premium Timothy Hay UK

For the community and the future

For the community and the future: It wasn’t so long ago that Timothy was not a cash crop but a crash crop, these economic realities nearly forced many generational farms out of business and put the future of our young people and farming community in jeopardy. 

Our high-quality hay has never before been available to the pet market anywhere in the UK.

Our mission is to bring a great Scottish product to the British public which has thus far only been available on a wholesale basis to the agricultural industry. 

We aim to add value to our partner farms by purchasing high-end premium timothy hay grown on their land for centuries, packaging it for domestic/urban use, and delivering it to small pets and parents across the UK. 

The current limited supply of quality timothy hay means that there should be an opportunity and market for this previously untapped supply for urban pets. Apart from the obvious financial value benefits of using homegrown hay it should also allow us to compete with imported hay which is quite simply too costly in terms of price and environmental/carbon footprint.

In a remarkable transition, timothy hay has evolved from a struggling cash crop to a prized resource within our farming community. Our introduction of premium Scot’s timothy hay to urban pet owners not only expands local markets but also offers a sustainable domestic option, countering the environmental and economic challenges posed by imports. This shift underscores the power of innovation in the revitalization of traditional  crops for a promising future.